Located along the Dranse river, in the place called "Les Champs Neufs" in Martigny, the Taoù district offers an extremely favorable environment, close to nature and all amenities. The city dweller will find stores, boutiques, restaurants, bars and cultural places within easy reach, while the nature lover will only have a few meters to walk or cycle to contemplate the waterways, observe the birds and walk under the trees.
Public transportation, train or bus, is perfectly accessible. The train station is only 600 meters from your new home, and the entrance to the highway is only 1 km away.
A whole network of soft mobility is also available to you and your family. Kilometers of bicycle paths and footpaths run along the Dranse River and allow you to access different areas of the city in an environmentally friendly and safe way. And if you are 65 years old or more, the city of Martigny allows you to travel free of charge on the entire city bus network.

Martigny also offers a well-developed school network, childcare facilities and a plethora of sports and leisure facilities that will meet all your needs.

- Shops and train station within walking distance
- Complete school curriculum in the city of Martigny
- Large number of cultural, sports and leisure activities

Artistic and cultural life

Martigny is a city of art and culture. The Roman heritage still shines through in the architectural marvels of the Place Centrale, the Château de la Bâtiaz or the Amphitheatre. The world-renowned Pierre Gianadda Foundation is the pride of the city and several festivals and events enliven the city every year.


Martigny - Happiness is in the city

Martigny is a city where life is good. A large city on a human scale with a thousand riches: the proximity of a vast range of products and services, an extremely lively cultural and artistic life, a heritage nourished by a long history, a strong environmental strategy, efficient public transport, a welcoming nature and a wealth of leisure activities.
In less than 30 minutes, you can be in downtown Sion or on the shores of Lake Geneva. In just a little more time, you are in the heart of the most beautiful ski resorts in Europe. The Great St. Bernard Pass opens the way to Italy, the Mont Blanc massif is within reach. From the Martigny train station, you can reach the major European cities.

- Train : Sion = 14 min, Montreux = 28 min
- Car : Sion = 20 min, Montreux = 30 min
- Walking : Train station = 6 min, Place centrale = 10 min

And what about the proximity of the Rhone, this mythical river is a real sanctuary of biodiversity. Martigny can definitely pride itself on being a little gem.

The city of energy

In the 1960s, when environmental concerns were far from the headlines, Martigny was already among the leaders in sustainable development. The city, which is known as the City of Energy, can boast of having been right. Today, 20% of the electricity consumed in the city comes from its four hydroelectric power stations and the public swimming pool is supplied with hot water in winter thanks to 200 m2 of thermal solar panels. You will also see elegant wind turbines spinning in the wind.
For many years, the Commune has been developing an ambitious energy policy, centered on the development of renewable energies, energy efficiency and raising citizens' awareness of the issue of sustainable development.